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Basics on estate planning: 10 aspects to look at (Part 1)

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A few days ago I talked to you about estate planning and some minor aspects of it, today I want share information about what consider to be the first 5 basic aspects that you should take into account when talking to your lawyer and start this proce

How can parents win child custody cases? [Full Guide]

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It is normal after a divorce proceeding to file for child custody and when you do, you expect to win. What does this mean? It means that you must do everything in your power to give the judge the most accurate version of the facts so that he or she can give you custody and care for your children.

How does domestic violence affect child custody?

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Episodes of domestic violence can affect the custody of your children in many ways and it is a difficult thing to deal with, since its consequences are high on everyone affected by it. If you or your children have suffered from domestic abuse, it has surely crossed your mind how to continue life after it and even wondering who to turn to in these ca

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