If you refuse medical treatment following a car accident, this may affect your injury claim

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If you decline to receive medical care following a crash, you could be giving an insurer grounds to reduce the value of or deny your claim for injuries .

Refusing basic medical care for an injury, the insurance company will have good cause to decide that you are not injured and to deny your auto accident claim.

While it is best to get care immediately, you can still make a legal claim for medical treatment and compensation, even if you originally refused treatment but it will difficult the process.

Refusing medical treatment is damaging to your health and damaging to your personal injury case, as neglecting medical care could severely adversely affect how much money you are able to recover through a lawsuit. 

Why some injury victims may refuse treatment?

Some victims do not get medical care because they are concerned about how they will pay for the medical bills, but a successful injury claim can often cover the costs of your medical care, others may reject medical treatment because of religion subjects. 

Even if the treatment is denied at first, an insurance company might find it hard to deny a claim based on a denial of care since injury victims do ultimately get to a doctor and injuries are successfully linked to an incident. 

Why it may be a good idea to get the necessary treatment?

The main importance lies in the claimant’s state of health.

Most of the time after a car accident, the victims are not aware of the severity of their condition, since complications such as internal bleeding, brain clots or others, don’t show very evident symptomatology.

It is very common for people to believe health problems will get better by themselves, or that they are not serious enough to require medical care.

Other times, a specialist might need help helping the patient to clarify what is most important to them, what they can expect to happen with additional treatments.

Potential complications if you refuse medical care after an accident

Hidden injury risks

The possibility and risk of hidden injuries after an accident is why it’s so important to seek medical attention, even if you don’t think you’ve been injured.

Just as important, consider hiring a lawyer to help you navigate the sometimes tricky business of negotiating with the other party’s insurance company.

Perhaps the most common example of hidden injury is the result of whiplash.

Whiplash occurs whenever the body is jolted severely forward and backward, putting significant strain on the neck as it is jerked out of its normal range of motion.

Be careful. Damages can be deceptive. If the other party is asking to pay cash, not call the police, or forgo filing a claim, think twice before agreeing.

They will argue against the plaintiff or the validity of the claim.

So, not getting medical treatment right away lets defendants question if it was accident-related.

Almost always, they say it was a later injury in some other incident.

So it may get wondered whether the damages are fake. Hence there needs to be a post-accident medical record.

Long recovery from injuries

However, some injuries can last weeks or months before they heal completely.

If you were seriously hurt, you should consult a doctor immediately so that any necessary emergency procedures can begin right away.

Afterward, follow his instructions carefully. Untreated or poorly treated injuries can result in permanent, irreversible damage to your body.

Do I have the right to refuse certain medical treatments?

Every competent adult has the right to refuse unwanted medical treatment. It relates to what can or cannot be done to one’s own body, even if it is vital treatment.

What to do if your insurance company argues that you are not injured?

Insurance companies include strict rules in their contracts to make it somewhat difficult for you to claim compensation for injuries after an accident.

Be sure to make your insurance claim as soon as possible after the accident, as some contracts have time limits.

Make sure that the investigation of your case by the insurance company is legitimate to avoid denials. It is important to have legal advice.

You will not have economic damages to justify a claim if refuse medical treatment

If you do not receive immediate medical treatment, you would not be incurring financial expenses that can later be claimed from the insurance company. 

It would make it more complicated to legally prove that you are incurring expenses due to the negligence of the accident.

Can my claim be negatively impacted if I refuse medical care?

It depends a lot on the case, that is why legal advice is important, however it is clear that if you refuse to receive medical assistance the insurance company will have an important argument to prove that the victim has no damages.

Remember, the refusal of medical care following an injury might have major repercussions for your injury claim in Washington, D.C.

Specialized Car Accident Attorney in Washington D.C.

If you or a loved one has been injured, don’t hesitate to contact our trusted personal injury lawyer in Washington D.C. for expert guidance and representation.

Remember, the right medical care and legal representation can make all the difference in the outcome of your injury claim.


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    Title: Refusing Medical Treatment After a Car Accident: A Risky Move?

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      Title: Refusing Medical Treatment After a Car Accident: A Risky Move?

      Comment: Look, I get its your decision, but turning down treatment after a car accident? Are you out of your mind? 🤨

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    I completely understand why someone would refuse medical treatment after a car accident, but its risky!

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