Temporary Custody in Washington, D.C.

In many cases, the separated parents of a child cannot come to an agreement on what the custody arrangement should look like.

One parent may fully believe they deserve primary custody, while the other advocates for a 50/50 situation.

Often, when conflicts arise about child custody, it can take weeks, months, or even years for the case to be resolved with the court system. This leaves the child’s schedule and time with each parent up in the air.

For these situations, there are temporary custody orders.

What Is a Temporary Custody Order?

A temporary custody order is a document filed with the court that lays out who a child will reside with on a temporary basis, until a permanent order is in place.

Temporary custody orders also can be instituted in other situations, such as:

What is included in a temporary custody order depends on the situation. However, some information is standard in all cases, including:

  • The parent considered the “primary” custodian, even simply for matters of residence
  • What days/hours are allotted to each parent for parenting time
  • Information regarding whether one parent must have supervised visitation

In some cases, especially situations where it takes a long time for the courts to determine permanent custody orders, the terms laid out in a temporary custody order can become the terms of a permanent custody order.

This is done because the courts prefer to keep things as stable and predictable for children as possible.

If a custody case has taken a long time to be settled, the child has become used to living under the conditions of the temporary custody order. Barring compelling reasons why the temporary order should be changed, many courts may just continue the provisions of a temporary custody order into a permanent order.

How Lopez Law Can Help with Your Temporary Custody Order

Are you just beginning the divorce or separation process and cannot agree on a custody situation? Or do you have a current order in place that needs modification?

Our experienced family law attorney can evaluate your situation, giving you guidance on what you can expect in the temporary custody process.

Whether you just need some assistance ironing out the details or you need someone to appear in court on your behalf, Lopez Law Firm is by your side. We ensure that our clients have the knowledge they need to go into their temporary custody order hearings with confidence, fighting for the best interests of you and your child.

See what it means to have experienced, compassionate representation for your temporary custody order. Schedule your consultation with Lopez Law Firm today!

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