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Your will is an important part of your estate planning documents . It’s your final opportunity to designate who gets what property, and is especially crucial if you want to distribute your property in a way other than what the courts would decide.

While you can draft your own will, it’s best to run your plans by an attorney knowledgeable in the will drafting process to ensure that what you lay out will stand up in court.

Your will may seem simple, but any number of factors can create a complicated situation, including:

  • Medicaid
  • Veterans benefits
  • Trusts
  • Charitable donations
  • Large assets
  • Investment accounts
  • Business interests
  • Stepchildren
  • Guardian designations

The experienced estate planning team at Lopez Law Firm can help you understand the specific conditions that play into the drafting of your will.

We work through all aspects of the drafting of your will, no matter how complex it may be, to be sure your property is designated to go where you want it to go and so less of your assets will get caught up in the probate process.

Lopez Law Firm makes the will drafting process easy. Get the peace of mind you deserve by having a secure will to put your affairs in order without spending hours doing it on your own.

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