Permanent Total Disability in Workers’ Compensation Cases

While many people who are injured at work recover and eventually return to work, there are some cases so severe that the injured person cannot return to work.

In these cases, the worker qualifies for permanent total disability benefits.

If you suspect that your injuries will qualify you for permanent total disability, the team at Lopez Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What Is Permanent Total Disability?

Permanent total disability is a condition where your work-related illness or injuries make it so that you are no longer able to work.

This condition can apply to injuries that involve loss of limbs, loss of hearing or eyesight, severe back injuries, or traumatic brain injuries, among other conditions. These injuries prevent you from working for the rest of your life.

Permanent Partial Disability vs. Permanent Total Disability

Permanent partial disability means that you still have a severe injury, but that you are still able to work at least part-time.

If, for example, you lose a finger, you may qualify for permanent partial disability payments for a period of weeks. However, losing both arms may make it impossible for you to work at all, qualifying you for permanent total disability.

Types of Injuries That Count for Permanent Total Disability

Eligibility for permanent total disability depends greatly on the nature of your injuries and the work you do.

Losing legs at work may mean that a construction worker qualifies for permanent total disability, as they cannot participate in their necessary job duties without their legs, but it may not matter much to the ability of an office worker to continue their duties in the future.

Some common types of permanent total disability injuries include:

  • Loss of limbs, including arms and legs
  • Loss of sight or hearing
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries that lead to complete disability
  • Severe back injuries

What Benefits Does Permanent Total Disability Provide?

There are typically two types of workers’ compensation benefits that are involved in a permanent total disability case: medical care and lost wages.

Medical care benefits often are only available for a certain period of time, until you are determined to have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). After that point, you may be eligible for some benefits, but with most injuries you will see medical care benefits stop after a certain point.

You also are entitled to compensation for lost wages, with the permanent total disability benefits kicking in once you are determined to have reached MMI.

The actual amount you will receive depends on where your case is located, but this amount is often a portion of your average weekly wage at the time of your injury, and can be adjusted over time for inflation.

Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney for Permanent Total Disability in Washington, DC

If you suspect you may be eligible for permanent total disability benefits as a result of your work-related injuries, you need experienced help to get the compensation you deserve. At Lopez Law Offices, we have helped clients get the benefits they deserve, giving them peace of mind in the face of uncertainty. Call today for a consultation!

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