Temporary Total Disability in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Most work-related injuries are temporary; you get injured, get treatment, spend some time getting better, and go back on the job.

If your injuries are severe enough that you are completely unable to work for a period of time, you may qualify for temporary total disability benefits.

In these situations, you need a trusted, knowledgeable legal team to help you understand your rights. The team at Lopez Law Office can do just that, getting you the compensation you deserve for your time away from work.

What Is Temporary Total Disability?

When you are injured at work, you may find that you are completely unable to work for a period of time. This could mean that you are seriously injured and bedridden, require surgery before you can return to work, or injure a part of your body that is integral to doing your job, you may be deemed temporarily totally disabled.

If your treating doctor says you cannot return to work right away as a result of your injury, you may receive temporary total disability (TTD) benefits.

Temporary Partial Disability vs. Temporary Total Disability

Qualifying for temporary partial disability means that you have an injury that at least allows you to return to work part-time or for light duty.

If you break your ankle, for example, and work in construction, you may not be able to return to the job site until your ankle is healed. However, you can do office work or other duties, allowing you to return partially to work. In this case, you would qualify for temporary partial disability.

However, if you injure your back and cannot return to any form of work until you are recovered, you would qualify for temporary total disability benefits.

What Benefits Does Temporary Total Disability Provide?

Temporary total disability benefits provide for the wages you will lose by being out of work while you recover.

You will not, however, get your entire salary; instead, you will receive a portion of your average weekly pay for a set number of weeks.

If you reach one of the following three conditions, your TTD benefits will end:

  • Your treating doctor says you can return to work, either for full duty or modified duty
  • Your doctor says you are no longer expected to improve and you have some permanent disability (At which time you would begin receiving permanent disability benefits)
  • You’ve reached the limit for TTD benefits in your state

Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney for Temporary Total Disability in Washington, D.C.

When you’re facing a workers’ comp case, it’s important to have an experienced, aggressive advocate on your side. By hiring the team at Lopez Law Firm, you get the benefit of our experience working with other workers’ comp clients in fighting for the compensation you deserve. Call today for a consultation!

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